Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Developed by naughty boy, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a yet to be released action adventure video game. It offers a third person rifle stand and was published by the Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is the upshot to unchartered 3 that is Drake’s description.

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

It is the fourth and the last part in the unchartered series featuring Nathan Drake. It is also going to be the last episode in the series that will be directed by Naughty Dog. The video game is set to be released on 10th may 2016. It has been set exactly 3 years after the happenings of its predecessor Unchartered 3.

The story generally revolves around Nathan Drake who has apparently retired from the world of fortune and left it behind after his last adventure. Though, it does not take much time before he is called back in to the field. This is after his brother Sam reappears and wants his help to save his life and the adventure that awaits Drake is too tempting for him to resist.

Drake is five years younger than Sam, who was originally thought to be dead. According to the descriptions, when Sam disappeared it led to Nate’s decision to pursue the life of hunting for treasures. Sam is described as much more irresponsible than Drake and is often jealous about the achievements of his brother.

With too much danger awaiting him, Drake goes on a journey around the globe in search for a bygone scheme about a lost famous pirate treasure. The treasure belonged to Captain Henry and the first person they went to look for is Libertia. This video game takes its players on a journey through the urban cities, jungle islands and snow-capped peaks just to be able to get back the captains treasure.

The adventure that is yet to unfold will be a great test to his physical capabilities, his determinations and how and what is he willing to put at risk only to save the people who he loves. Therefore, the decisions he makes are going to be of either positive or negative consequence according to how he tackles the things he comes in to contact with.

In this new series it is shown that Drake is able to drive a piton craggy rock face and climbing of terrains. This enables him to close the gaps between him and his enemies and attack them easily. He also has portable hooks that have ropes which enable him to swing to new areas and escape the enemies’ fire.

The casts that are in the game include Nolan Drake playing the role of Nathan Drake, Troy Baker as Sam Drake, Richard McGonagall as Victor Sullivan, Emily Rose taking the role of Elena Fisher, Warren Kole as Rafe Adler, Laura Bailey who plays the role of Nadine Ross and Chase Austin as young Samuel among others.

There is not much difference in the gameplay elements from its predecessors but have undergone a lot of development. It has been made in a way to fit the new hardware of PlayStation 4. It is set in various countries including the urban cities and aquatic areas. Climbing is still the main feature in this game.

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