The video game, Overwatch is one of a kind and soon to be released. It is a multiplayer first person shooter game which is being developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This game focuses on the various heroes and how they contribute to a team as individuals using their special powers. The tentative release date for this game is May 24, 2016. It is scheduled to release on the following software Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is set in the future after all problems regarding “Omnic crisis” on a global scale are resolved. Apparently, the omnic crisis had put the whole planet under the threat of Omnic which is artificial intelligence. This was dangerous as robots all over the world rose to power and engaged in a conflict on a global scale. To get a grip on the current situation, a task force called Overwatch was created by the IN to protect mankind and humanity from destruction. Initially, the Overwatch was merely a peacekeeping force but due to increasing rates of corruption and sedition, the heroes decided to take it on themselves to save the world.
overwatch game tralierSuddenly, the Overwatch team was looked down upon with suspicion and to make matters worse, their headquarters was destroyed and the attack claimed the life of the Overwatch leader, Jack Morrison and their second-in-command, Reyes. After this incident, the team was shunned. Some people still believe that Overwatch was actually disbanded because of some conspiracies which were hatched by some people who didn’t like this task force.
This game is a team based fight between two squads which is supposed to consist of 6 members each. Players are free to choose their favourite hero whose abilities and special powers they believe are the best. The four main roles the characters offer are:

– Offense characters that possess high speed and attacks skills but their defence skills are weak. They can cause a lot of damage.
– Defense characters who possess the super-ability to choke point points from the foe squad. They also have the ability to trap the enemy gang.
– Supporting characters that have the ability to provide buffs and debuffs for their gang members and enemies. They can provide healing or speed alterations.
– Tank characters: They have too much armour and are able to tolerate attacks and fire away from their squad members. They can strengthen their own team and/or weaken the opponent’s team.
Players have the liberty to switch characters in the middle of the game at any point which is Overwatch’s USP. The locations are real-life locations which are displayed in the game as maps.
Blizzard is hosting the next open beta before the game actually releases from May 5th to May 9th before the game hits the consoles finally.

Blizzard entertainment also announced that they will soon be releasing comics based on the Overwatch in the latter half of the year. It will be a compilation of 6 digital comics, animated short series and a graphic novel which is to be named Overwatch: First Strike which will be based on the various characters from the game.

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