Dreadnought Game Preview

Dreadnought is an upcoming combat spaceship simulator published by Grey Box with Six Foot and developed by Yager Development. It is set to release soon this year, after its initial previews were shown in 2014. On April29, 2016, Dreadnought entered closed beta.

The main player is the captain of huge ship and to attack and defend he uses projectile weapons. The captain is able to choose between different varieties of ships, each with their own advantages and drawbacks and categorized according to their size and speed. They are not a pirate sort of ship which gives the feel of a rouge bounty hunter but are massive and give the feel of being a commander. Strategy and positioning tactics are required to get the feel of the game. The player can allocate power to some ships by strengthening them and at the same time weakening others, this is highly applicable when one has to position the ship for choosing target. Such areas include weapons, shields and engines.

Dreadnough gameIn multiplayer configuration, focus fire and co-ordinated attacks are important. The other player can heal his damaged teammate. Players many be able to switch ship classes after death. Matches last around ten minutes.

The dreadnought can deal with significant damage to enemies while withstanding tremendous punishment. It makes an obvious target since it has slow movement and huge size. You can make Dreadnought nearly invincible by shifting power to shields. This is applicable only for a short duration.

The primary weapon is the Ballistic Cannon. They provide damage against medium range targets and offer moderate rates of fire. Its primary ability is the Gatling Broadside. It is used to fire an array of ballistic Gatling cannons on the targeted ship that you want to damage.

The destroyer is another ship which performs solidly at every level. Known for its control and efficiency the destroyer is the first ship in and the last ship out. It can be used to provide a variety of roles to the shop with skillful Energy Management. Its primary weapon are Dual Repeaters which are used to induce damage at moderate ranges and offer good accuracy. Its primary ability includes Plasma Ram which deals massive damage to any target by creating an energy field at the bow of the ship.

Another ship is the Corvette. It is used to sneak between enemy lines cheekily and attack vulnerable ships of the opponent. It makes quick strikes and even quickest getaways. Its primary weapon includes the Dual repeater as mentioned above, whereas it primary ability is the medium cloak that cloaks your ship for a long duration. But the cloak breaks if abilities or weapons are fired.

The next ship is the Artillery Cruiser. The most vulnerable ship in the fleet, it has a very destructive power. Its primary weapon is the Heavy Tesla Cannon which provides high damage at longs ranges with exceptional accuracy. Its primary ability is the rapid fire mode that increases weapon firing rate.

The last ship is the Tactical Cruiser that during prolonged engagements provides lasting support. Its primary weapon is the medium beam turrets that both repair allies and damages enemies. Its primary ability is the beam amplifier that directs all the energy of the ship to your beam weapon.

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