Doom is the first person shooter video game that is planned to be unleashed on May 13th, 2016. It is an upcoming reboot of Doom 4. It is created by id Software while Bethesda Softworks is responsible for publishing it. The game is set to premier on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will be using a brand new scripting language. It is based on the C++ and is know as the super-script. The super script is a subset of the C++ and will have features like type safety and scheduling.

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Game play

Single player; Doom will be composed of a large cache of weapons that are classy. It will enable a player to pick up and freely switch them within the entire game. The weapons will include, BFG 9000 and super shot guns. They will also include chainsaw’s which will be used to chop down the enemies. Furthermore, the manufacturers of the game have promised to feature demons and faster movement. Many characters from the initial game have also been brought back or redesigned. They include, Revenant, Cyberdemon and Mancubus. Doom allows the gamer to perform movements such as double-jumping and sprinting. They have made the the game in such a way that speed and momentum is emphasized to make it fun for the player. A combat technique popularly known as push forward is also featured. This inhibits the ability of the player to take refuge behind obstacles. Resting in order to gain health is also not possible. Instead, The gamer is required to collect health and weapons at pick-ups scattered throughout different levels. You can further kill an enemy to obtain health. A new mechanic execution system has also been introduced. It allows the gamer to achieve a melee-take-down. This is like that popular PWAD Brutal Doom when players instill enough damage to their foes. The company says that the campaign will run for more than 13 hours long.

Multiplayer; The game has several modes being improved in conjunction with a Certain Affinity. They have included the following aspects Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, four player death match, Warpath and Domination. Teleporters and and power-ups can also be used in the multiplayer match.They have further featured the concept of power ups. This helps you to transform into and fight as one of the demons featured can also be used through the pentagram. The game will have a built-in tool known as Doom SnapMap which will help the player to make his own custom maps, make first hand modes and be able to share them online.

According to creative director of the game, the game was encouraged by rock and roll. The crew intended to create a personality for the game by increasing a lot of over the top skulls. The team avoided a lot of emphasis on the game because they believed that it was not a very key feature of the franchise.

According to the developers, the principal hindrance that id Software faced was to make a game that would compete against other popular shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty. This is because the aforementioned franchises are very popular among younger audiences. The last installments of the series were released quite a while back, 2004. Another challenge faced was to make a game that is distinctive enough to stamp its own identity in the gaming world.

There has been a lot of reviews by Steam users for sometime now and it is only a matter of days to the release of the game.

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