FIFA 17 (PS4) 10 Strongest Players

FIFA is about lots of matters – strategy, guile, speed and preciseness; occasionally, nevertheless, it is around the other man crumple helplessly to and observing beating the largest player in your team into a 50/50 challenge,

EA have recently shown the ten players with the greatest strength evaluation – a stat to not be confused with the physicality evaluation that was more observable. While ‘phys’ covers many different aspects, leaping skill and including stamina, whereas strength is centred around power that is raw.

Should you strengthen your squad with among the following players, you shouldn’t have any trouble winning most of jostles, overpowering the opponent in challenges, and holding the ball up.

Needless to say, strength isn’t a index of general ability (simply ask the diminutive Lionel Messi), which list features players in the glitz and glamor of the Premier League to the second grade of German soccer, in the glowing lights of Dallas to the little Scandinavian town of Falkenberg.

  1. Kendall Watson – Vancouver Whitecaps

 Kendall Watson - Vancouver Whitecaps

Kendall Watson is not the maximum-rated player but boy is he a creature. The 6’5″ Costa Rican centre back continues to be a mainstay in the Vancouver Whitecaps side for two seasons now, and is among the most famous defensemen in the MLS. He was chosen as an All Star earlier this year.

There is still room for Watson’s career although not the most youthful at 28. He just has a handful of limitations for his national side, and will certainly be looking to make more of an opinion in the Costa Rica setup as his domestic career continues to blossom.

  1. Florian Ballas – Dynamo Dresden

Florian Ballas - Dynamo Dresden

German national soccer is likely more similar to the English game when it comes to raw physicality. Matches are usually high-paced than in Italy or Spain, and with that higher rate comes a greater awareness of rough and tumble.

The German second division is to the ninth most powerful player in FIFA 17, a towering young centre back, and Florian Ballas. He has lots of years to grow and grow although yet to actually make his mark on a grander stage.

  1. Colin Bonner – FC Dallas

Colin Bonner - FC Dallas

The 6’4″ Maryland native is not the most seasoned player out there, with just a smattering of professional looks to his name, but a player with such strong natural instruments will consistently have the possibility to cause difficulties.

It will definitely be fascinating to see Bonner fares in his first complete MLS season, as he is been mostly restricted to lower-grade matches at developmental side Oklahoma City Energy on loan.

Despite being the least-experienced player with this list the potency of Bonner certainly impressed EA to give him one of the highest evaluations in the match.

  1. Hakeem Araba – Falkenberg

Hakeem Araba - Falkenberg

Hakeem Araba has had a storied and peculiar career path up to now, despite being 25 years old. The Englishman has made something of a name for himself thanks to remarkable goalscoring charms, in lesser-league football at teams like Bromley and Redbridge.

Moving up in the world, Araba has taken his gifts playing in such diverse European leagues as Swedish top flight and the Greek Superleague.

The London lad now finds himself at Falkenberg, for whom he’s made 41 league appearances. Part of the basis for his suffering fascination there may be his fearsome prominence (6’3″) and strength.

  1. Jaanik Vestergaard – Borussia Monchengladbach

 Jaanik Vestergaard - Borussia Monchengladbach

Jaanik Vestergaard is, without doubt, among the finest young defensive possibilities in the Bundesliga.

The future definitely looks bright for Vestergaard, and he is among the most powerful players in FIFA 17.

  1. Wilfried Bony – Stoke City

Wilfried Bony - Stoke City

Likely the most well known player on this particular list, Wilfried Bony’s bout at Manchester City did not quite go to plan (you attempt breaking into the starting lineup of a team with Sergio Augero amongst their positions).

On loan at Stoke, many are calling that Bony will gain from your Potters’ physical, more-direct style of play, given his aerial strength and excellent hold up play. The Ivorian could well make a return to his fearsome kind at Swansea, where he managed to net 26 goals, and is an actual bruiser.

  1. Abdoul Ba – RC Lens

Abdoul Ba - RC Lens

There is no subtle way of setting this; Abdoul Ba is a guy that is massive. The tallest player on this particular list, at a towering 6’7″, the Senegalese defender stays a relative unknown in world soccer.

That all could change in the the next couple of years, yet. Ba is just 22 years old and has some international expertise as 13 league appearances for RC Lens – as well for Mauritania. He will certainly be ready to bring in more playing time over the coming season, and his standing as among the most powerful players on Earth really can not damage his cause.

  1. Roman Torres – Seattle Sounders

Roman Torres - Seattle Sounders

Roman Torres lately became something of a viral sense in the MLS for his post-success locker room but to blow off the Panamanian’s skill would not be wise.

Lately kept out of action with harm, the centre back seems more than ready to leave his mark on a league that is new, having plied his trade primarily until now. He also has expertise captaining his national side, and – this probably goes without saying – he is really, really powerful.

  1. George Elokobi – Colchester United

George Elokobi - Colchester United

George Elokobi is another rarity on this particular list: a player with Premier League encounter. The Cameroonian now finds himself back at Colchester United, the team that stays, and gave him a professional contract as hulking as ever.

Fans of Wolverhampton Wanderers will be greater than comfortable with the centre back, who made 85 league appearances over the last few years for the midlands side. Last season was, sadly, a depressing one for Elokobi, who saw his side – but he will certainly be looking to bounce back stronger than ever. With muscles like those, that should not be overly difficult.

  1. Adebayo Akinfenwa – Wycombe Wanderers

Adebayo Akinfenwa - Wycombe Wanderers

There could just be one.

From the minute you did not see the name Adebayo Akinfenwa and reached number two on this list, there could have been little doubt who had be occupying top area.

For the fourth straight year, the guy referred to as ‘Beast Mode’ finds himself atop the FIFA strength positions.

At Wycombe Wanderers, it remains to be see the career of Akinfenwa will grow. He is 34 after all, but remains top dog when it comes to raw, undiluted power.

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