Tales from the Borderlands

It is a five-episode adventure game series from the makers of ‘The Wolf Among Us’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. Another one from Gearbox borderlands shooter series and set in a Sci-Fi world.This is one game that has been praised for its signature humour, well developed characters and perfect music selection. It is a choice-drive story where the gamer chooses how the game plays out depending on the choices they make. It has many twists and turns and will actually wait for the player to make a decision which will in turn determine the course of action to follow.

Tales From the Borderlands


The game is set up in planet Pandora during the period after Borderlands 2 when Hyoerion’s president ‘Handsome Jack’ has been killed. Pandora experiences an influx of ‘vault hunters’ who come in search for vault keys to open up vaults placed in the planet. The main characters of the game are Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is a hyperion worker and Fiona is a tough con-artist. Both characters are also in search for vault keys and adventure. Other recurring characters that appear in the sequel game are vaughn (Rhys’ best friend), Sasha (Fiona’s sister), Finch, Kroger and Vallory. Pick a character and plot your adventure as you move and interact with other game characters.

The game is split in five episodes. These are:1. Zero sum2. Atlas Mugged3. Catch a Ride4. Escape Plan Bravo, and 5. The Vault of the Traveller.

These episodes are full of intimate character momenrs that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Th finale episode; The vault of the traveller, is an epic ride with the perfect blend of emotion and fun.

Game-play Requirements, Updates and Fixes


Tales from the borderlands is available on these platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and will soon be available on PS Vita. It will run smoothly on Dual-core 1.2GHz processor and requires 1GB of memory. Other specific requirements are: systems running on GPU-Adreno 300series, Mali-T600 series or Tegra 4.


The game developers have introduced a season pass package that lets you save up to 20% on additional episode costs. When purchased in the app-store, the game comes with episode one only and the rest have to be purchased separately. The season pass comes with the remaining episodes two through five. However all episodes are still available on app-store separately.

The developers have created a fix for blacked out characters that was experienced in the first episode.

Yet to be fixed.

For Android gamers, the game may run on your Galaxy S2- Adreno and Galaxy S3 Mini. However you will experience ragging abd bugs that are yet to be fixed.

The Verdict

Tales from the borderlands is a modern-day adventure series game that also has shooter scenes. Some of the features that make this game among the best adventure games are:- The facial animations are very good.- Humour- not many games apply humour but this game has just the perfect type of humour.- Great music- It is realistic and brings out the agony of decision making and the art of lying pretty well.

If you have not yet played the game, its a high time you give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

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