Best DC Universe Online Review

Whether you are a pro gamer or novice, Massive Multiplayer Online gaming is an impressive venture. Such games have a unique longevity and appeal. DC Universe Online is one of the games that utilizes this gaming magic. If you are a Xbox player then there is a chance of being the villain or a superhero. You will thus be able to venture into DC comic world. It first release was in 2011 on PS3 and PC.

This incredible game gives you an opportunity to bring out your character origin by explaining the world state sequentially. The process is dramatic ad havoc had returned with the resurfacing of Brainiac. This state of affairs makes world villains and heroes worry a lot. The chaos has engulfed regular human beings who have acquired individual powers. You are then brought to the screen responsible for character creation.

The character screen

DC Universe OnlineAs DC Universe Online begins, you will have numerous options concerning being a villain or a hero. Making a dream character is done using a number of accessories, costumes and skin types. Additionally, a completely cosmetic character creation is an available alternative. It is worth noting that there are many powers to choose from but the roles are limited. For instance, control powers help in crowd control as well as stunning enemies. Killing enemies quickly are easily achieved using damage dealers. Healers are applied to keep you on the battlefield while drawing enemy attention is via tanks which are concentrated on in group scenarios. In addition, a movement is varied ranging from fluid travel, running to flying. Moreover, your character had to have an initial fighting style with two hands, martial arts or a bow among others.

Playing with some limitations

Successful completion of your tutorial quest gives you an entrance into the real world. This stage has some inhibitions. The creators put in mind those of you who are beginners by providing basic action guide until you reach a serious battle. You will climb stages as play more games. You are at liberty to ignore them but they are good for learning your character dynamics. Progress will help you take the form of great characters like Gorilla Grodd and Giganta. This is where the real fun begins.

Real fun

Leveling up is extremely adventurous and you will be able to play in a group. The queue for your desired instance then you will be transported to action scene after getting in to complete the mission. The enemies are stronger but fighting as a group is recommended for successful missions. If you make it to the next instant area, you will have reached DC Universe Online highlight. Please understand that this is not a cup of tea for you. The boss has to be killed and there are several casualties from the fierce confrontation.

The PvP is an optional task. You will encounter several players in different arenas. However, this is not a simple mission. For instance, heroes can defend your Bat Computer in the Bat-cave as villains take control. It’s balancing is admirable.

The legends

Playing the legends offers you the chance to be a legend. Controlling your iconic powers is a possibility. You can unlock your character as you play as well as take a break from the routine character. Remember that dueling is enabled but you can be challenged while on a fly. In addition, continuous playing unlocks more locations and improves your character. Additionally, the basics are taking endless questlines and raiding enemies.

In conclusion, DC Universe Online is the best Massive Multiplayer Online game today. Try it and build a dream character. Use your character to explore the endangered world.

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