10 Greatest PC Games

  1. Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is a unique first person shooter, though I wouldn’t classify it as a complete shooter game. It does have bit and pieces of action but mostly focuses on getting around missions in the most insane free-running segments till date in gaming. The game puts you in the shoes of Faith, a Runner that uses parkour to get around a city marred in dystopic surveillance. The stunts that you can pull off in this game are absolutely mind blowing and the visuals are stunning. The story may not be the best, but the action more than makes up for it.

  1. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is set during World War II and takes players through the historic Battle of Normandy, which includes the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach. Company of Heroes was a hit with players and it was known for its frenzied action, demanding strategy, and historical detail. The game is quite a unique strategy game and it will not fail to impress.

  1. Red Faction Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerrilla is a third person action adventure game that promises to give the gamer a great time and some truly fantastic action. As a sandbox game, Guerrilla set out to prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to destruction. However, you will find out that it’s not a walk in the park as many of the enemies are quite difficult to kill even at normal difficulty.

  1. Dragon Age

Dragon Age is a game that will make a lasting impact on you. The story is quite compelling and there are a number of Origin stories to choose from and each with their own back-story and characters. And each of these Origin stories merges into the main plot quite seamlessly. The combat is strategically deep and it will take you a couple of days if not weeks to complete the storyline as well as the DLC.

  1. Portal

Portal is one of those games that will leave a mark on you for many years to come. The game has a lot of puzzles that will leave you guessing. But it’s the brilliant story, full of dark and fun humour that will grab you. As the events unfold, you are dragged deeper into the world of GlaDOS and it is an evolving and engrossing world of horror, lies and cake.

  1. The Sims 2

The Sims 2 was a ground breaking game that allowed people to create and control their characters lives. It is a simple yet annoyingly fun game, which really makes you care for your characters and bring them to health, happiness, fame and fortune. The only downside is that while playing this game, your own life may be in the can very soon.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil offers complex puzzles and gameplay, making it worth every penny. And though this game isn’t perfect, it is one of those few games that should appeal to almost anyone. The game has amazing settings, great characters and a really good story that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

  1. Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight

Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is one of the best Star Wars games you’ll ever play. When I first played it I was taken aback because I always wanted a Jedi game where I could force choke someone or use telekinesis or even wield a light-saber. In this game you get all of that and more. The story is quite compelling as there are choices that will put you on the road of either becoming a Jedi or a Sith.

  1. Black and White

Black and White is a great game which blends the genres of strategy, RPG and puzzle for a truly memorable experience. You will find that Black and White has one of the best storylines you will come across, full of moral choices that will impact how you view gaming and humanity in general.

  1. Spore

Spore is one of those games that manages to be accessible to many gamers and it may not be perfect, but it does manage to leave a lasting impression on you. The game allows a player to control the growth of a species from its early stages as a microscopic organism, through its expansion as an intelligent and social creature.

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